Эту таверну я впервые увидел в Вратах Балдура в далеком 2002 году.

BG Elfsong Tavern — видео которое не было использлвагл
Вот она, эльфийская песня

Основной изюминкой таверны является призрак, который периодически появляется и поет песнь.

Bartender: » Beautiful song isnt it? I heard her sing many times and each time it still moves me.»

Me: «Why does she sing?».

Bartender:» No one truly knows. Some say she sings for a lost loved one who hopes to here her voice and return home. Still, that’s nothing but heresy and tales. Welcome to the elf song tavern. What can I get you?»

I cry out for my lover,
I hunger for his embrace.
I will not rest ’till I know he
Is safe and in this place.
I cry out for his freedom,
From where he’s kept outside his consent
I know that he fights for his freedom,
I pray he does not relent.
I cry out for his wellbeing
That his own self shall endure,
My only wish is that he returns
Safe, unharmed and secure.
I cry out for the pain I feel,
The uncertainty that lies in my heart,
Until all my fears are relieved,
I cannot peacefully depart.

Вот она.


А есть и изображения этой таверны

В новом приключении призрак поет песнь про Эльтурель

O sing a song of Elturel
Of water, woods, and hill
The sun dawns on her ruddy cliffs
And fields green and still.
This land of long-abiding joy
Home of the strong and brave
Renowned by all, across the realms,
And never once a slave.
O sing a song of Elturel
When foes are at her door
Her fields torn by cloven feet
From some infernal shore.
Arise the mighty Hellriders
Take up your swift, keen swords
Then charge into the hellish fray
And scatter devil hordes.
O sing a song of Elturel
And when the night does fall
Sleep safe beneath Companion’s light
Until the dawn does call.
We’re bound by mortal covenant
That only ends with death
And so we’ll sing of Elturel
Until our final breath.

Или другой вариант

Надеюсь, эти материалы вам пригодятся.

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