«Tito spoke to ScreenRant’s Scott Baird about D&D Live’s Reality RP show, which combines roleplaying, ARG, and reality TV roles. In the interview, Tito explained Reality RP’s basic storyline as a wizard trying to root out a secret cultist that has sabotaged the food supply of a region. «He traps ten representatives from the settlements who he believes are the most suspicious,» Tito says in the interview. «He sets a series of challenges for them which he believes will be instructive in finding out who is the cultist and, hopefully, root them out, and choose a champion that is worthy of support to lead the region through the dark times that are happening right now.» At first glance, that doesn’t seem like a lot of information, but Tito’s note that there are ten cast members from a number of settlements seems to be a hint towards the Ten Towns, the disparate settlements within Icewind Dale. Couple that with the snowy owlbear that serves as this year’s D&D Live mascot, and the sole piece of artwork released for the adventure, and it certainly seems like the new adventure will take place within Drizzt’s old stomping grounds.»

По материалам https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/dungeons-dragons-icewind-dale-dnd-live-2020/

А с учетом того, что Перкинс в последнем подкасте упомянул, что некоторые культисты могут поклонятся иллитидам в поисках силы и могущества, то похоже что Долине Ледяного Ветра теперь угрожает пожиратель разума.

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